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REEC - Real Estate Executive Council Spring Conference Recap

April 2023

Los Angeles, California


I recently attended the REEC - Real Estate Executive Council spring conference for the first time, and I'm still buzzing from the impact it had on me. As a Black professional in the commercial real estate industry, being surrounded by hundreds of other Black and brown professionals was an experience I won't forget.

It was cathartic to connect with others who share similar experiences.

It was more than cathartic, it was mind-blowing.

In our respective professions within the commercial real estate sphere, we are often the only Black person in the room, constantly swimming against the current. But coming together at the conference showed me that we are not alone.

The accomplishments of those at the conference were awe-inspiring. The ideas and concepts shared were not just important, but revolutionary. When we come together and share our resources and ideas, anything is possible and I am excited for what is to come.

The industry is filled with so much talent, and there is great potential for us to solve the challenges we face as a society. I am grateful to REEC, the Board, and all the sponsors for creating an unforgettable event. Thank you for bringing us together and inspiring us to create a brighter future.

Learn more about REEC - Real Estate Executive Council here:


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