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🎙️ The Tools Talents & Techniques podcast: NEW EPISODE featuring Herman Bulls

This week's guest is none other than Herman Bulls; Vice Chairman Americas, JLL & Corporate Board Member.

"A LIFE OF LEADERSHIP" with Herman Bulls

Are you ready to gain invaluable insights from one of the most influential figures in the real estate industry?

In our latest episode of "Tools, Talents & Techniques," we had the privilege of sitting down with Herman Bulls, Vice Chairman Americas at JLL and a true luminary in the world of real estate, strategy, leadership, and corporate governance.


Listen on your favorite podcast platform:

A Remarkable Career Journey

Herman Bulls' career is nothing short of remarkable.

With over 33 years of experience at JLL, he specializes in helping senior executives navigate complex real estate challenges and achieve their strategic goals.

His extensive expertise has made him a sought-after expert in real estate, finance, strategy, leadership, governance, and communication.

But Herman's story goes beyond his impressive career at JLL. He also serves as a Member of the Defense Policy Board at the US Department of Defense, providing invaluable advice on matters of defense policy. Additionally, he holds the prestigious position of Vice Chairman of the Board at USAA, a Fortune 100 diversified financial services firm dedicated to serving the needs of military members and their families.

Recognized Excellence

Herman Bulls' contributions to corporate governance and the real estate industry have not gone unnoticed. He's not only a NACD Fellow but has also been recognized as one of the most influential individuals in corporate America and one of the top 100 corporate governance professionals in the nation.

A Visionary Leader

Throughout our conversation with Herman, we wade into topics that offer invaluable lessons for aspiring professionals, seasoned experts, and anyone seeking to excel in their career. From leadership strategies to the importance of governance and communication, Herman's insights are a treasure trove of wisdom.

Don't Miss This Episode!

If you're eager to uncover the secrets of success in real estate, understand the intricacies of governance, and learn the art of effective communication and leadership, then this episode is a must-listen.

Herman Bulls' incredible journey and his commitment to delivering value, creating impact, and building trust make this conversation an inspiring and educational experience.

Tune in to "Tools, Talents & Techniques" to hear from Herman Bulls himself. You can find the episode on your preferred podcast platform.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes that bring you the stories, strategies, and successes of top professionals in various fields.

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